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Orlando To Miami High Speed Trains May Be Here in 2022

It seems that the much-talked-about Orlando To Miami High Speed Trains are finally coming to fruition. This will enable Orlando & Miami residents and tourists to board trains that will easily connect the two major Floridian cities.

Virgins Trains has a rail line that links Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach to Miami. Presently, the company has started working on construction plans in order to extend this service to Orlando.

According to Virgin Trains USA, “Orlando is the nation’s most visited city,”; the expansion of the rail line will ease transportation, generate more jobs in the region and boost tax revenue greatly.

There are two proposed high-speed train options to connect Orlando and Miami in 2022:

  1. High-speed trains by Virgin Trains USA.
  2. Hyperloop train by Hyperloop One.


Orlando To Miami High-speed Trains

In 2018, Virgin Trains USA, formerly known as Brightline, established a high-speed rail service linking three South Florida cities with the aim of reducing commute times and expensive train fares.

Months ago, the company announced the plan of extending the South Florida rail line all the way to Orlando.

The ongoing higher-speed rail track extension between Orlando and West Palm Beach will be completed within the next two years. This new rail track extension will connect to the already existing West Palm Beach – Fort Lauderdale – Miami rail track starting from 2022.

This new service will utilize a high-speed train that can reach a top speed of 125mph, making it a faster and more efficient way to shuttle between Orlando and South Florida. In addition, the higher speed rail will offer more flexibility as it will connect three different airports in the state: Orlando International Airport, Fort Lauderdale International Airport and Miami International Airport at no extra costs.

The proposed high-speed train service will give tourists the opportunity for a complete car-free vacation and access to Disney cruises in order to create that ultimate Disney Vacation.

It is expected that the revamped high-speed train service will allow people to travel between Orlando International Airport and Miami Central Station in approximately three hours.


Orlando to Miami in 30 minutes

Trust Elon Musk to offer a much faster way to connect two of Florida’s largest markets; the hyperloop technology by Hyperloop One will provide a new route between Orlando and Miami for ultra-fast transportation.

Hyperloop technology is a unique concept that was promoted by Elon Musk (the C.E.O of Tesla) and offered by one of his companies as an open-source technology.

With this system, Hyperloop One aims to move passengers and goods in propelling pods utilizing magnetic elevation through a low pressure, near-vacuum tube that could exceed 600 miles per hour.

This transportation technology will allow riders to travel between Orlando and Miami within a short time, Hyperloop estimates 30 minutes.

The major benefit of the hyperloop between these top cities is the unification of the state’s tourism and economic centers. It would ease the movement of passengers from Miami to Orlando in half an hour. Hyperloop One intends to build a route linking the Miami International Airport to Orlando International Airport for this service.

It’s estimated that approximately $1000 is generated per traveller to the Orlando area. Visitors also contribute about 51% of all sales tax collected in Orange County, which helps to fund roads, schools, and public safety. As a result of the additional funds, local Real Estate has also seen positive growth as the area is thriving and more locals flock to Central Florida. 

According to, tourism in the area contributed to approximately $11.9 Billion dollars in the Finance, Insurance, and Real Estate industries combined. This doesn’t include Lodging which saw an estimated $8.11 billion generated by travelers. 

in 2018, Miami had 16.5 million visitors, Orlando received 75 million. By opening up faster transportation between these two major cities, we are inviting a higher level of growth and increased lanes of commerce between them. 

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